Flawless Face Towels Information

Discover how to have flawless skin without changing your current routine!

Are you currently buying high end skin care and not having the desired results?

Ladies, all we want is clear beautiful skin.

Am I right?

What if I told you there's one step in your routine that is hindering your perfect skin and it isn't what you think.

If you are currently using one of the following to remove your cleansing products,

Cotton pads
Facial Mitt
Face Cloth
Muslin Cloth
Plain Water

If you are using any of these you need to keep reading. 

Hi, I'm Sarah. I have been working in the beauty industry for over 13 years with experience working at 5* spas, salons and going on to open my own salon.
Over the years I have come to realise my true passion for skin care.

I have had the privilege of helping to boost the confidence of many women through their skin care routines which has led me on to my next big project I am so excited for.

I have always suffered with my skin more than most, breakouts, eczema and redness. I used to always wear a full face of makeup even if I wasn't leaving the house because I felt so self conscious of how my skin looked.

After completely changing the products in my routine, my skin improved but more recently I was experiencing breakouts again and they were getting worse.
I have used different things to remove my cleansing products over the years and had recently gone back to using face cloths.

I felt these were removing my cleaning products far better than the cotton pads I had been using for many years.

The problem was I didn't want to use my cloth more than once, especially with the huge makeup stains all over it. I didn't like to put them in the wash basket wet as it would make all the other clothes in the basket wet and potentially smell so at that point I didn't have many cloths to hand. They gathered on the side drying before they went into the wash basket which really wasn’t ideal.

I had to wash them separately to my normal washing as they needed to be on a 60 degrees to make sure all the bacteria was killed and without fabric conditioner as this can transfer and irritate your skin.

I Decided There Must Be A Simpler Way.

I was out walking my dog Shard one morning and the idea came to me that there must be a way of creating a disposable face cloth that is environmentally friendly.

After lots of research and samples, our company Renbe UK was created and our very first product.


Renbe Uk Flawless Face Towels

100% Biodegradable Bamboo Disposable Luxury Face Towels

Our Flawless Face Towels are 

100% Biodegradable & Compostable: Eco - Friendly
​100% Bamboo: High Quality & Sustainable
Luxurious & Strong: Used For All Skin Care
​Soft & Gentle On The Skin: Naturally Hypoallergenic

How to use your Flawless Face Towels 

1. Wet your Flawless Face Towel to remove your cleansers, exfoliators and masks.

2. Rinse your Flawless Face Towel after each step and watch your towel refresh as if you are using a brand new one for each step.

3. ​Once complete you simply dispose of your eco friendly towel for ultimate convenience.

    Leaving your skin feeling perfectly cleansed every time.

    Watch the demo here




    See what some beautiful ladies have had to say about our Flawless Face Towels


    "I love using Renbe face towels! As someone who has sensitive and acne prone skin these face towels did the job of removing makeup, spf and impurities from my face without feeling abrasive. The towels feel soft and luxurious and don’t break apart even during a heavy duty double cleanse and mask routine! I love that they are disposable and biodegradable, meaning I never have to use a flannel again or have cotton pads everywhere! I am converted and won’t be using anything else! For me the answer is simple, why would I invest in premium skincare to then use a bacteria fuelled flannel with it?! Thank you Renbe, you’ve given me the product that I never knew I needed to complete my skincare regime!"


    "So glad I have found Renbe face towels they are so strong & luxurious. My skin has been amazing after using them and I will never return to traditional face cloths again. They are a million times more hygienic. They are so convenient as they are disposable but without the guilt as they are biodegradable. Will never look back!"


    "Feels so luxurious on the skin. I actually enjoyed washing my face rather than it being something that was a necessity. I normally wash my face in the bath so this was an extra luxury knowing that it was all clean washing over the sink. these towels completely change my routine. Disposable body wash ones next please. X"



    A product that takes your makeup off.. yet makes your face feel beautiful !
    It’s a face towel without chemicals or perfumes, it’s organic and sustainable ❤️
    Naturally perfect!"


    "I've been looking for a Cotton pad alternative for ages, something that was disposable (goodbye bacteria) but that still felt lovely against my skin. These face towels are perfect. Biodegradable and disposable. And they feel amazing on my skin even after a full routine!
    My skin has never been so well looked after and I feel better knowing I'm doing my bit for the planet."

    Introduce your Flawless Face Towels in to your routine and you will be amazed at how your skin will look and feel with such a simple swap.